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Diploma Project

"METAMORPHOSIS" is a womenswear capsule collection of five outfits designed for an urban nomadic context as a means of improving the relationship between the user and clothing.


It has been designed with the approach of a product designer by finding solutions to
harmonize the user’s wellbeing with the world around them.

This capsule collection suggests a new system that focuses on the user’s experience by making garments that listen to their needs while allowing the user to respond to them.

Thought with the idea of functional embellishment where every detail performs a role,
these wearable objects aim to be like an animal skin that adapts to different environment and various parts of the clothes emerge and vanish to transform and reveal hidden layers.

Metamorphosis proposes a new way of creating a story around wearable objects by identifying and solving problems.

With the belief that cities are accumulationg more and more people, where space is a luxury, where nomadism is becoming the norm and where climate is continuously changing, the garment we wear need to adapt to these mutations.

Metamorphosis established a principle and demonstrate this around questions of
acclimatization, comfort and freedom so that each of these garments exists as a family around these values.




A rain coat that let your breathe and where the hood disappears when not used

felicie eymard


A coat that you never have to carry or wonder where to leave

felicie eymard
felicie eymard
felicie eymard
felicie eymard


A coat that transforms into a dress so you will never have to wonder "should I bring a coat?"

felicie eymard
felicie eymard
felicie eymard
felicie eymard
felicie eymard


An outfit where accessories are fused within the garments

felicie eymard


An outfit where the shawl is fused into the jumper to only exist when needed


by Hélène Zeis

Copyright photo: Julien Hayard

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