Family of rolling objects





MOBILES is a family of rolling object,

They roll here and there.

Made in porcelain. They don't have any function, they are like a presence. 
The fact that they all roll is what they have in common and they sort of exist thanks to the others. Alone they are transparent but as a family they suddenly exist for themselves.


They roll,

Here and there.


This project (as well as OKSA and SOPP) gave ma the chance to win the Furniture design Award of Mad Surprize -Young Belgian Design Award- 2014





One rolls. Shudders. Then continues on its way.

The other one looks on. Hypnotized. Jumps. Hops. Then follows.

The third is vaporous. Asleep. Motionless.

Dozes on an inaudible wave. Unconscious.

Transparent. Clear. An impression of invisible vertigo erases it.

The ballet begins in a mirage.

Ripples, meditation and dreams blend in the dance.

The pirouette of one resonates among the others.

All vibrate and shiver in joy.

The echo incubates the resonances. Pure. Clear.


All dissipate. And disappear.

Copyright photo: Julien Hayard