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-Finalist at Hyères 35th Festival Accessories Competition at Villa Noailles-

S P E C I E S  is a collection of 7 leather accessories.
Each accessory is inspired by the idea of movement while questioning its traditional typology.
These accessories listen to the dynamics of the body, they are not inert, they unfold, transform and reinvent themselves.

SPECIES is an antidote to



and boredom.



Photos: Anne-Charlotte Moulard
Female model: Marie Loridan

Male model: Jade Bayonne
MUA: Tina Piters
Styling: Iris Cartron & Louise Marcaud


Making of the accessories
Leather: Valentine Huyghues Despointes & Mélanie Durand
Textile: Victoire Albaret

Concept/ Drawing/ Prototyping:
Félicie Eymard

Place: Bastille Design Center, Paris


Musée National des arts Asiatiques Guimet
Bastille Design Center
RVZ location
La Trouvaille Paris
 Société Chotelaise de Fabrication
Imprimerie FRAG


SPECIES is a new species of wearable objects designed as a choreography.
These unisex accessories are made for the human body at its most universal, regardless of each and everyone’s morphology.
The conception of each of these accessories was guided by the idea of motion itself: the ritual of a new and spontaneous movement

The typology of each object blends into the narrative form of its evolution, into the interaction imagined for the body that wears it.
The worn object is no longer inert: it deploys, undulates, transforms, unbinds, and reinvents itself.
It goes beyond function, to become an intimate exchange with the body that carries it.

The bag becomes a belt, the necklace shifts into a visor, the bracelet metamorphoses into a fan… it is in the ephemeral ballet that experience is apprehended.

These objects are handmade in Paris, from revalorised leather (end of stock, scraps…). They are conceived from smooth leather, without any technology or hardware : the raw and naked material acts alone.


SPECIES Felicie Eymard 7.jpg
SPECIES Felicie Eymard 11.jpg
SPECIES Felicie Eymard 11.jpg
SPECIES Felicie Eymard 10.jpg
SPECIES Felicie Eymard 20.jpg
SPECIES Felicie Eymard 42.jpg
SPECIES Felicie Eymard 38.jpg
SPECIES Felicie Eymard 39.jpg
SPECIES Felicie Eymard.jpg
SPECIES Felicie Eymard 26.jpg
SPECIES Felicie Eymard 24.jpg
SPECIES Felicie Eymard 23.jpg
SPECIES Felicie Eymard 13.jpg
SPECIES Felicie Eymard 14.jpg
SPECIES Felicie Eymard 30.jpg
SPECIES Felicie Eymard 36.jpg
SPECIES Felicie Eymard 17.jpg
SPECIES Felicie Eymard 19.jpg
SPECIES Felicie Eymard 41.jpg
SPECIES Felicie Eymard 18.jpg
SPECIES Felicie Eymard 15.jpg

© copyright: All rights reserved: Félicie Eymard 2021

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